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Northern Sector Agriculture Investment Coordination Unit (NSAICU) was created in 2013 under a two year grant provided by the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to The Government of Ghana   to assist the Ministry of Food and Agriculture coordinate the implementation of a Bread Basket Strategy (BBS) designed to increase agricultural productivity and incomes in the Northern Region of Ghana.

 The goal of the project was to help improve the implementation of the BBS to ensure transparency and level playing field for all key bread basket transformation stakeholders in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The Unit has since;

·       Worked in close collaboration with Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) in convening of its flagship initiative, the Northern Agricultural Sector Working Group (NASWG) but also in terms of facilitating dialogue between SADA and MOFA. This group meets regularly for partners to share information on their respective programs amongst other discussions that go to improve agriculture sector programming and implementation.

  • Established a database of agricultural private stakeholders including NGOs for the three regions – Northern, Upper East and West Regions. This databank is to serve as a quick reference point for partner information.
  • Facilitated district level planning sessions by bringing together agricultural sector stakeholders at the District level for program planning,  coordination and harmonization of partner activity
  • Organized specific commodity based workshops for Rice, Maize and soybeans. The forum brought together the various actors in a particular chain where participants share information about technologies and delivery models used. For example, the different credit models and grant conditions used by the various partners.
  • Organized interactive workshops for selected warehouse operators, financial institutions and beneficiary  FBOs to enable them share their operational challenges and develop recommendations that could improve their operations
  • Facilitates joint field monitoring sessions for partners to learn from each other on the field

NSAICU is in its second phase with funding from US Government represented by USAID which has a distinct interest in maintaining the functionality of the Unit. It is expected that the successes the Unit has chalked in terms of improved collaborating and corporation amongst implementing partners, other donors will be in the position to continue to fund the Unit.

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